2005 to 2020 Tacoma HD shackle hanger

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Add greasable replacement shackles. [+$79.95]
Introducing the BAMF HD shackle hanger replacement for the 2005 or 2020 Tacoma. 

If you wheel your truck you will end up bending your shackle hangers they are stamped 10 gauge steel. 
We designed ours to take a punishment. 
Laser cut and CNC formed in house .250" plate with gussets in all the right places.
Bolt on design with four 1/2" grade 8 bolts 
They come Powder coated with a textured black powder coat. 
These things are pure beef! 
Sold in pairs

Our optional shackles are 100% .250" plate and a .250" wall DOM tubing poly bushings are included with a zerk fitting for greasing the shackles the inner sleeve is .250" DOM as well that accepts a 9/16th grade 8 bolt. 

HD Shackle hanger installation.

Tools needed for stock hanger removal.
1. Floor jack and jack stands
2. Two 19mm sockets/wrenches
3. Angle grinder and air hammer
4. Drill bits 1/4", 5/16th, 3/8th & 1/2"
9/16th if you are not using our shackles.
5. Optional plasma cutter

Tools needed for installation of the HD shackles
1. Two 3/4" socket/wrench
2. Two 13/16th socket/wrench
3. grease

Step 1
Jack the rear of the truck and place it on jack stands so that the weight is fully off the leaf springs.
Remove both rear tires..
Remove the bolt that holds the shackle to the stock hangers with the 19mm

Step 2
It's time for the fun part!
Remove the stock hangers if you have a plasma cutter it's a quick and easy job. Just take the torch and burn off the rivet heads and beat the hanger off with a hammer. Once it's off slowly burn the rest of the rivet out of the frame. It should take less them 20min to completely take them off with that method by far the fastest was to do it.

Now for the barbaric way removing them with a grinder and drill bits is a pain and it takes a lot of effort.
We found it's easier to just cut the hanger first to gain access to the lower rivets.

Now it's time to get to the rivets do what you can to remove them. What we did here was a X pattern on the heads with the grinder and used the air hammer to pop them off

Once the hanger is off you need to get the rest of the rivet out of the frame. Use the drill bits starting with the 1/4" to drill into the center of the rivet. You only need to go about 1/2" into the rivet once you get to the 1/2" bit it should just fall out. Repeat that step 7 more times.

If your using the factory shackles you will need to drill it out to 9/16th.

Now you can install the shackle back on the leaf springs with a little grease. Making sure the threads of the bolt are facing away from the truck. You will have quite a bit of threads showing on the factory shackles.

Now you can install the hangers using the supplied hardware. It's easier to bolt the shackles to the hangers off the frame so I recommend doing it that way.
Once the shackle, leaf spring & hanger are mated on both sides use the floor jack to move the axle up into place just so you can attach the 8 1/2" grade 8 boles for the hangers.

Install the tires and grease the lower bushing of the shackle and your back on the road.

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