2005 to 2020 Tacoma Shock Relocation Kit

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Here is the BAMF 05 to 20 rear shock relocation kit that allows you to run 12" shocks. When lifting your truck your stock mounting locations are not spaced out enough to allow a shock that doesn't act as a limit strap. This kit completely removes the stock mounting locations and replaces them with 1/4" plate. We have been selling this kit for nearly six years with hundreds of guys running them and loving it. It's simple cost effective and proven over the years in countless applications from rock crawlers, Expo rigs to prerunners.  

NOTE you don't have to run KING shocks but they are the only shocks we have tested with this kit so others may not work in the buckets.

KING shocks tested     KING Part# PR2012-SS    12.0" stroke     31.585" Extended Length    19.585" Collapsed Length    7/8" Shaft Dia

What the kit contains if you have less please contact us 

To start on the install fit up the parts and tack everything together. (note) if you ordered out welded set disregard this step. 
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After tacking the buckets fully welded all seems and let cool you can not take this time to start cutting off your stock mounts. 
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Then tack the mounts to the frame and axle. The shocks are best mounted and 90* from side to side and 10 degrees leaning forward. Just use a angle finder to check the angle of the shock when tacking in place. 

The best way to mock everything up is to fully brake the leaf pack down to just a main leaf and cycle the suspension to the bumps when tacking you mounts on leaving about 1" of shaft showing at full bump for compression 
"unless your bumps compress more then that you need to compensate for for the compression or you will blow your shocks on a hard hit" 

Honestly most people just measure the bump travel and set the lower mount of the shock just a little more shock shaft showing then they have bump travel.

After tacking it up It's best to cycle your suspension with the tires on to check for clearance issues. (Wheel spacers or a less back spacing wheels may be needed to clear the shock body when fully flexed out)


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