2005 to 2020 Toyota Tacoma 80" bolt on with a kick out Sliders

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BAMF 80" Sliders fit the double cab short bed as well as access cabs.

This slider is our number one selling configuration so we have created it's own part number and build them in large batches to cut the lead times and price.  The only options you get to select from are Model, Bare metal or Power coated & DOM or HREW mounted at 20 degrees. If you want other options you will need to go with our built to order Tacoma slider that has a 6 month minimum lead time found (here)

Our  bolt on design for 2005 to 2020 trucks is 100% bolt on with no drilling and is one of the strongest "True bolt on available" with 6 to 8 .500" Grade 8 bolts for each slider holding them on depending on the truck. With three no drill attachment points on the bottom side of the frame no other company offers that!
Built from 1.75" .120 wall HREW or DOM CNC plasma cut & notched, bent on a computer programmable tube bender and fully welded to a CNC laser cut 2"x 2" 3/16th formed legs with a integrated gusset and 3/16th laser cut frame plates. With kick out they will stick out  7.5" from the square tube & about 16" from the frame. Just sticking out past the tire with a wheel BS of 4.5" and a 285 wide tire.

Shipping charges will be an additional invoice sent at the time of shipping. The Shipping calculator can not calculate shipping on sliders as there is so many options west coast ranges from $135 to $170 shipped to a home address. The mid west and east coast run around $175 to $200 home shipping. FL is just about as much to ship as HI with 80" bolt on sliders running up to and above the $250 to $300 range.
We Ship XPOLogistics "LTL Freight" for ALL sliders They will ship right to your house or if you have a business address it's $25 less to ship. All freight is quoted without a lift gate service if your not able to offload the sliders yourself from the truck there is another 165 dollar charge for a lift gate.  

These are all just base line numbers shipping will vary.

Don't know what DOM is find out here

Now that you have a set of BAMF 100% true bolt on sliders for the DCSB and ACLB it's time to install them. It's very simple two guys can install them in under 1 hour if alone expect at least two or more hours. 

If you ordered bare metal sliders you will need to coat them before installing them. If you bought powder coated sliders you will only need to spray the welded washers with some primer and paint so they don't rust. We don't powder coat them as it would drive up the cost of the powder coating.

The hardware you will get with the sliders take inventory there should be (Note that some hardware is not used for some year trucks as Toyota have removed and added holes over the years) The main thing is that you have 3 connection points on the bottom side of the frame and all years have these holes. 
(2) long bars with welded nuts
(2) short bar with one nut
(14) 1/2x1.5" grade 8 bolts 
(22) 1/2" grade 8 thick fender washers
(8) 1/2" grade 8 locking nuts
(2) 3/8thx1.5" grade 8 bolts
(2) 3/8th grade 8 nuts 
(4) 3/8 grade 8 washers


Tools needed
Two jack stands
One 3/4" wrench
One 3/4" socket and wrench
One 10mm deep lug socket 2015 + only
One 12mm wrench
One 14mm wrench
Two 9/16 wrenches
Small screwdriver or thin pointy object (more on that later)

This is the first thing you need to do when installing the sliders. You insert this into the Trans crossmember before the sliders are set into place you can not install this washer with them on the truck. 


This the place where the washer above is placed take your screwdriver and get the nut aligned with the hole so you can get the bolt started. If your fingers are small enough you can use one to help you move the washer around in the right position. Place the bolt into the hole that fits your truck one will be covered depending on if you have 2we or 4wd
The first bolt is this one on the lower section of the frame it's in between the carrier bearing crossmember. Take your 14mm and remove it Note we have seen the frame move apart about a 1/16th when this bolt is removed making it hard to put back in. If that happens you can take a wratchet strap around both sides of the frame to pull it back don't try and force it in you can cross thread it. 
Next you need to remove the bolt on the side of the frame and move the bracket out of the way for the sliders.
The picture shown is a 2016 the 2015 and some 2014's have this same box on the passenger side frame disregard this if you don't have this box on the outside of the frame rail. There is two m6 bolts and two m8 bolts remove the m6 bolts with the 10mm socket then the two m8 bolts with the 12mm wrench.

For all other trucks there is one one m8 bolt remove it with the 12mm wrench. Then pull the bracket out of the way and set the sliders into place. NOTE the lower bolt needs to be started first it's a tight fit once the sliders are installed so the lower factory bolt is installed first.

So after that you can reinstall the m8 bolts and bracket if you have the black box you just move it forward one hole and bolt it in with only one bolt then place the cover back on with the m6 bolts.


The black box with cover removed and replaced one hole forward.

Next you need to bolt up the front leg the frame it boxed here so we make a welded part with two top lock nuts on it to make your life easier. All you need to do is get the bolts started with the bracket then you won't need a wrench on the back side. 

20151117_155442.jpg 20151117_155502.jpg 20151117_155509.jpg

Next you place a washer on the 1/2" bolts and put them in every hole they fit into with one of fender washers and lock nut on the back leave loose until all bolts are in place.

This bracket can be removed to fit your arm into the driver side boxed section.

On the driver side some of the brake lines are in the way you will need to move them ever so slightly to get the nut to clear.
Also on the 2016 this box needs to be removed and a bolt installed backwards in the frame sticking out as shown in the pictures below.
20151117_160624.jpg 20151117_160753.jpg

Once all your 1/2" bolts are in place install the 3/8th bolt into the very rear lower hole with a nut and washer on both sides.
(NOTE) the driver side is very tight so going in from the front of the tank with your hand is the best way to do it. You may need someone with small hands to help out. We have also noticed on the 18 and 19 models the  frame has mutable stacked sheets stacked on top is not in line with each other preventing the bolt from passing through the hole. Drilling may be required to make that bolt fit. 


Its now time to tighten everything down start with all three lower bolts then the rest all the bolt just need to be good and tight but if you must you can torque them to spec the factory bolt spec you have to find as I cant find it (I'll update when I do) the 1/2" bolts 80 ft lbs and the 3/8th to 33ft lbs

Now that your sliders are installed go out and use them up as they were designed for!

5 Stars
best bolt-on's
Just wanted say nice work on the fabrication! Straight forward assembly, just follow the instructions posted on-line.
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