2016 plus AlumiSteel Front bumper

2016 plus AlumiSteel Front bumper

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No Hoops
Center hoop [+$129.95]
Full head light hoops [+$350.00]
Bare metal
Powder coated black [+$250.00]
Lower bash plates
Steel [+$-35.00]
Bumper shell
Steel [+$-300.00]
Lighting package
No lighting I have that covered
Bajadesigns Lighting package One 30" S8 (white or Amber lenses please note) and a pair of Squadron SAE Fog lights [+$1,140.00]


BAMF 2016 Plus Toyota Tacoma Alumisteel Front plate bumper is a revolutionary design. We have been asked time and time again will you make an aluminium winch bumper. The answer was always no! The pulling forces the bumper will see when under a load is far too high to support the winch. This has been proven over and over again with people ripping their bumpers from the truck while winching. This is why you see people calling aluminium bumpers "mall crawler" or " street queen" bumpers. 

We have set out the end that stigma with the release of the BAMF AlumiSteel front bumper. The bumper is a modular design,  The winch cradle is constructed from .250" HRPO A36 steel. Gusseted and keyed together for Superior rigidity this cradle is pure beef. It's clamped to the frame with our reinforcement brackets  Locked down with  six 1/2" grade 8 bolts.  Coming in at 68lbs the cradle holds most of the bumpers weight. The .190" 5052 Aluminium (offered in Steel as well) shell bolts to the cradle using 21 3/8" grade 8 bolts. The wings are gusseted in mutable locations providing "some" impact resistance. 

We are planing on offering mutable shell options, So if your build starts to take a different direction or you get in a fender bender and bend a wing,  You can swap out the shell without having to buy a whole new bumper. 

All bumpers come standard with:

_.188" Steel Welded Reinforcement Brackets for worry free winching.
_ 3/4" thick D-ring mounts.
_ 30" Single Row LED light bar and fog light cutouts.

The winch plate is 1/4" And the outer skin is .190" (3/16th").


Steel winch plate, 5052 Aluminum shell 
2016-2020 Tacoma / All Configurations
Full bumper weight with all hardware and brackets {Aluminium shell} Full Hoops 110Ibs, Center Hoop 104lbs, No Hoops 98lbs
    Full bumper weight with all hardware and brackets {Steel shell} Full Hoops 175lbs Center Hoop 160lbs No Hoop 150lbs
Contact for freight quotes as they vary from 125 to over 500 depending on location

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