About us

Jerry Lee started BAMF in his 600-sq. ft. home garage June 2011 to feed his passion and provide affordable well designed Toyota Off Road products. Over the past few years it has took off like a rocket! We are now in a 14000-sq. ft. warehouse with a full line of Toyota Truck products and the list is still growing into other platforms.

We are a job shop that does anything metal related from rock crawler/off road parts too commercial customers, we work with mill work companies providing the metal work for many businesses in the greater bay area. If you eat out in the bay you have most likely seen our work in restaurants. We do just about anything that comes in the door if it’s made out of metal.

 We offer CNC Laser cutting 5'x10' from 24 gauge up to 3/4" thick mild steel and 5/16" thick Stainless Steel & Aluminium with, Computer Programmable Electric tube bending from .250" up to 2.5" .120 wall. We have a 192 ton 8 axis CNC press brake in-house with a 12' bed and the ability bend up to 12' of 1/4" mild steel to 90 degrees.     


In addition, we offer MIG & TIG welding and powder coating in-house with a 6'x5'x8' curing oven. And media blasting up to 12 foot parts in our blast room.